Travel Health

If you are planning a trip abroad and require travel vaccinations make an appointment with the practice nurse. You will need to have an initial consultation to decide what injections are required. The nurse will then ask you to make another appointment at a future date, so that they have time to check your vaccination history and order any immunisations required.

To check what you will need and when please visit the Fit for Travel website. This site provides useful guidance on many health matters that may arise when you are abroad.

We produce a Travel Leaflet with useful advice and information which you can download here.

The following travel vaccinations are not available under the NHS, and our charges are as follows:

Meningitis 50
Hepatitis B
Blood testing is advised to test immunity
(see non NHS fees)
90.00 for a course of 3
Paediatric Hepatitis B 49.50 for a course of 3
Yellow Fever 49.50
Japanese encephalitis 139.50 for a course of 2
Tick borne encephalitis 154.50 for a course of 3
Junior Tick borne encephalitis 40.32 per jab
Rabies 150.00 for a course of 3

The following vaccinations are available under the NHS and are free:

Polio inactivated
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio
Typhoid & Hepatitis A Combined
Hepatitis A

To give you a basis for your possible requirements please visit the Fit for Travel website provides useful guideline information.


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