Non NHS Services

There are a number of services not available under the NHS, including medicals for employers, insurance policies etc, and the completion of various forms regarding your health records. We can offer these private medical services. The following is a list of the current fees. (This list is not comprehensive. Please telephone the surgery if you require a service which is not listed here.)

Fees as of March 2014.

Private sick note (first 7 days)/private certificate 15.50
Passport form/photograph 15.50
Driving licence photograph 15.50
Freedom from infection certificate 15.00
Other certificates (dependent on complexity) 15(simple)
25 - 52 (complex)
Provident association claim form (eg BUPA, PPP) 22.50
School fees insurance claim form 25.00 - 52.00
Sickness/accident benefit claim form 25.00 - 52.00
Sickness/accident report 56 (extract from records)
112 (full report 30mins)
10 mins medical consultation for patients not eligible for NHS treatment Current rate is 180 per hour which is only 30 for consultation
Home visit for patients not eligible for NHS treatment 80
Pre-employment medicals, HGV, PSV, taxi driver medicals 90 (30mins)
125 (45mins)
Elderly driver fitness certificate 84
Racing driver fitness certificate, fitness for sports medical 76 report on proforma
112 (30mins)
168 (45mins)
Access to records under Data Protection Act
Computerised records
Paper or combination of computer/paper records
Up to 51
Private prescription 15
Consultation and taking bloods HIV test 51
Negative HIV test certificate 58
To take private blood test 24

Private blood tests:
Please note: The fee above is for taking a blood sample. Testing of the sample is done in the hospital laboratory, and the fees for this service will be separately invoiced by the hospital. The cost depends on the test carried out.


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