PPG Minutes - Jul 2022

6th July 2022, 18:15


  • Minutes taken by Lindsay Bawden
  • Representatives from WHMP - David Owen-Smith, Angie Sammut, Michelle Cozens

Patient Questionnaire on Enhanced Access

  • A draft prepared by David was distributed to PPG members by email on 30-06-22 with a link to surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BRB7753 . A paper copy was provided to all PPG members present for discussion in the meeting.
  • The questionnaire is intended to go out to 10% of patients in the form of a text message via Accurx software with a covering letter containing the web link to surveymonkey, which can be opened immediately on a smart phone. Patients will be grouped into 5 different age bands and the aim is to cover 10% for each group. Only a 3% return is required across the board and ideally if possible, for each band.
  • David had recently drafted the supporting letter which he read out for discussion. This contained a statement regarding staff and resource availability in relation to extended surgery hours (as requested by Dr Masterman). There is a tight timeline for the survey to be distributed as the deadline for results is 21-07-22

Discussion and comments

  • There were comments that there was too much complexity in the supporting letter. Suggestions to simplify the explanation of time resource management, balance, and availability of the different services outside of current opening hours.
  • CEO agreed to trim some of the timeslots from Q8 of the survey and amend the letter.
  • To meet the deadline of receiving responses by 21st July further feedback from the PPG group is precluded. David and Angie will make the necessary adjustments and the questionnaire will be sent out to selected patients the next day without further review.
  • Concerns were expressed around accessibility of the questionnaire due to the method of dissemination i.e., text message to mobile phone requiring internet access and therefore only available to smart phone users.
  • Question of bias raised based on access to technology and technical ability.
  • There was broad agreement among the group that some patients would be disenfranchised by the nature of the process.
  • Suggestions were made to provide printed questionnaires that could be completed in the reception area by visiting patients and the possibility of including a printed copy with prescriptions collected from the pharmacy.
  • It was discussed that on balance the main users of the extended hours would likely be working age individuals, rather than the 70+ age group.

Practice building and location

  • Outlined the current situation and the various options available with pros and cons
  • (DOS to complete this section)
    • impact of new housing projects in Faringdon and KB

Engage Consult

  • Michelle has modified the appointments page of the whmp website to clarify the instructions for booking. They now contain direct hyperlinks to the relevant sections. A printed copy was given for feedback and this was also sent out by email to PPG members.
  • Angie explained that the practice has no control over the Engage Consult software themselves are unable to make bespoke changes.
  • Jonathan proposed that the software was not fit for purpose for working people with non-urgent medical problems but well enough to attend work.
  • He gave further explanation of the difficulties of having to complete the Engage Consult request early morning and then trying to make provision for a call back from a GP during a busy working day
  • Roger explained his difficulties with trying to restore his registration settings to even access the system. He shares a mobile phone and email with his wife. Michelle will help to restore his registration settings. This has now been resolved. Roger happy with outcome.
  • Lindsay raised the point of full capacity often being reached early in the day preventing access


  • PPG member Rachel Norris who works as a Mental Health Clinician for the military gave a verbal presentation on how the practice could increase awareness of veterans and their families with specific mental health problems.
  • Angie confirmed that the practice was already registered as Veteran Friendly but was keen to support promotions for resource awareness.
  • Suggestions included adding information to the WHMP Facebook page and community board in the waiting room area.
  • Veteran and serving military board now in amin waiting area, over seen by Michelle
  • Racheal and Angie will discuss options prior to the next PPG meeting
  • Michelle will invite Botley PPG chair for discussion
  • Sarah Oliver will present.
  • Michelle Harfield (PCN Admin) has been invited. Time dependent if she will present to the group
  • Next meeting date 8th September 2022 at 6.30pm