PPG Minutes - Jun 2022

8th June 2022, 18:15

  • PPG point of contact is David Lee (Chairman)
  • Minutes taken by Faye Godfrey -this is going to be taken in turns by PPG members.
  • Representatives from WHMP- David Owen-Smith, Angie Sammut & Michelle Cozens.

Engage Consult

  • David Lee reported ‘it is not going down well’
  • Patients put off when ring up and met with abrupt manner from receptionists, especially when told to use the Engage Consult when they are calling to say they can’t use it.
  • Angela explained how receptionist do receive training in care navigator
  • Faye said how engage consult could be made simpler/more user friendly.
  • WHMP new phone system measures stats of phone calls- looking into having more reception staff on in busy times, shown from stats (eg 8am-10am)
  • Roger explained how Engage consult system takes too long, patients find they haven’t finished the process and the system shuts them out, asks them to refresh the page and start again then call to be met with abrupt receptionist- others also experienced this.
  • Once through the system there appears to be long waits for appointments.
  • Angela and David Owen Smith said how there is a step by step guide for the engage consult – this is not helpful when the system refreshes as not giving you long enough to use the step by step guide.

Patient Questionnaires

  • Enhance Access – part of Primary Care Network, all GP practices need to add 15 hrs extra to each working week by 31st
  • David Owen-Smith putting together a questionnaire to ask patients to advise when these extra hours would be best used, whether early morning, late evenings or Saturday opening hours. He will let the PPG see the questionnaire by the end of June.
  • Need to make sure whatever extra hours are offered the practice will have enough DR, Nurses, Patient Advisors to do this without causing them personal ‘burn out’
  • Questionnaires will be in letter and email format
  • They will look also at which areas within the health service to offer extra hours for- blood tests, cervical screening, mental health etc.
  • Need a 3% feedback over all age groups.
  • Angela mentioned how Saturdays were trialled but they found patients didn’t turn up for appointments.


  • Healthwatch Oxfordshire hears what children, young people and adults have to say about health and social care services, whether it is praise, criticism or ideas for improvement.
  • They provide additional support to PPGs on behalf of Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) by organising events that bring PPGs together and also keeping them informed on how they can best support their surgeries.
  • Emma Teasdale is our point of contact 01865 520520, hello@healthwatchoxfordshire.co.uk
  • Emma will send a weekly email and a monthly Newsletter to the PPG Chair- Dave, he will filter this out to the PPG

PPG Notice Board

  • Located in WHMP waiting area
  • Anything we would like put on the notice board send it to Michelle Cozens
  • Mentioned about having a dedicated PPG email- David Owen Smith was going to look into it being one through the NHS system- if not feasible we can create our own one.


  • Next PPG 6th July 2022. 6:15pm at WHMP
  • Dr Russ attended for a short time and was invited to join the next PPG meeting.
  • WHMP ranked 4th best practice in Oxfordshire.