PPG Minutes - Mar 2019

5th March 2019


(Chair) Graham Hall, Dr Rob Russ, David Owen-Smith, Caroline Beaney (first 15 mins), David Burn, Douglas Dalrymple, Marcus Lapthorn, Emily Norton, Gene Webb


David Grant, George Bonner, Kaye Byers

1. Minutes

Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting on 25 February were approved and signed. The Minutes of the meeting on 4 December 2018 were approved and signed. [Since the 05 March meeting, Richard May has pointed out that his name was omitted from the list of attendees at the 04 December 2018 meeting.]

DD and GW agreed to produce the minutes for this meeting

2. Matters arising from December meeting

2.1 NAPP Log-in. Generic login still not available. Various suggestions were made. It was decided that Ann Sadler (new Practice Manager) should be asked to resolve this.

2.2 Preventive screening update. A meeting with Rob and Elaine Russ to be arranged

2.3 Parking. D O-S outlined a possible improvement that might emerge. Nearby residents are allowed to use the car park in the evenings and weekends. The frequency of commuters parking illicitly not known. Reports of parking contention for patients not discussed.

3. Practice Related Matters

3.1 The possibilities re Primary Care Network (PCN) were discussed. Decision is required by end March. PPG will be advised.

3.2 CT-PET Scans update. Marcus has written to NHS England and Ed Vaizey on behalf of the PPG expressing concerns at the possible reduction in service for patients. EN and RM have written personal letters.

3.3 Local Development update. The construction of new housing appears to be slowing down

3.4 Cessation of ear syringing service. Advice and information is needed for patients. To be included in next newsletter

3.5 Ann Sadler (from Woodlands practice) Practice Manager to start 18th March. Holly is now office manager.

4. Team Updates

4.1 New GP contract and PPGs. D O-S said it was expected that each Practice in a PCN would continue to have its own PPG.

4.2 SWOLF update. The next meeting is in two weeks’ time, GW did not have anything new to report. GW will pursue getting a copy of Didcot's patient survey. WHMP will consider whether a survey is needed.

4.3 NAPP D O-S to be on the distribution list.

The Conference date is Saturday 15th June, Cheltenham. Bookings to be made before 20th March. There is a limit of two delegates per PPG.

4.4 Mental Health Project update. EN issued a briefing sheet. It was agreed in principle that posters produced for Mental Health Awareness week could be displayed in the Practice. Other possible projects were noted.

PPG members were invited to assist in any way should they so wish. EN has secured initial funding, but more would be needed in due course, especially for training courses.

4.5 Memory Support Group. EN reported that Age UK have changed both the name of the group and now will allow anyone over 55 to join in. EN not happy about this because it detracts from its original dementia focus.

4.6 Information from EN.

4.7 Potential for Clinician Volunteers for Nasio Trust Medical Centre. GH gave an update on encouraging developments.

4.8 New Members update. ML reported disappointing follow-ups from first contacts. Out of four, only one had engaged further, but not yet to membership. She will be invited to the next meeting.

4.9 Spring issue of Healthy Times. The preparatory work was in hand, and the publication date of April 4th would be met. The Practice have agreed that the print run is increased by 50% to 1500 copies.

4.10 Dr. Hannah Rivers has joined the Practice, as a trainee GP. She has much hospital experience at Registrar level.

4.11 Healthshare Meeting now 25th March. ML called for strong PPG attendance. He was also expecting visitors from Wantage, and possibly Abingdon PPGs.


ML presented a card and flowers to Caroline with very best wishes for her retirement.

6. AOB

PPG to be invited to input to the Business plan when it is being produced

7. Next Meeting

The next meeting is at 18:30 Tuesday 4 June 2019.

Other 2019 dates are: 3 Sept and 3 Dec.

PPG who does what

  • George Bonner - Patient transport
  • David Burn - Honorary Newsletter Editor, Publicity, Electronic notice board
  • Kaye-Frances Byers - Watching brief
  • Douglas Dalrymple - NAPP co-ordinator with Emily, outwith Conferences
  • David Grant - Minutes (now commencing June 2019)
  • Graham Hall - Chairman; SWOLF, leg ulcer treatments, cognitive impairment in ageing (FMRIB study), ‘Garfield’ research in Apixaban use. Acts as a ‘patient’ during Second MB Final Exams at JR.
  • Marcus Lapthorn - Maternity, County Medical rep and Ophthalmology, MSK
  • Richard May - Reports on area housing planning apps and developments.
  • Emily Norton - Dementia co-ordinator, NAPP Conferences, PPG website emails point of contact and Youth rep
  • Gene Webb - SWOL, PPG website, Communication via faringdon.org, I Live in Faringdon, Nextdoor Faringdon; other village Facebook pages.